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It is all about Toronto!

Toronto is a very diverse and vibrant city. If you are planning to have an extended stay in Toronto, whether for business or pleasure, you will not run out of places to see and things to do.  When you visit this dazzling city, make sure you try out some of the best things in Toronto:


Visit the CN Tower


This 1,815-foot structure once held the title of being the tallest tower in the world, now being next after the Burj Khalifa located in Dubai. The CN Tower was completed back in 1970 and its height helped television and radio broadcast signals go over the skyscrapers. An elevator to the top will only take a minute and you will have access to four observation decks. Surely this is a must-see place to see in the city during your extended stay in Toronto.



Distillery District


During the 1800s, this neighborhood was home to the biggest distilling company in the country. Today, the Distillery District is a pedestrian-only zone with old houses and cobblestones. Travelers will also have a good dose of galleries, cafes, workshops and of course, a brewery.


Kensington Market


If you can’t live without shopping during your extended stay in Toronto, the Kensington Market can offer some chaos and adventure for your retail therapy.  It is a busy marketplace that used to be operated by immigrants. You can grab some amazing stuff from here such as vintage items, used books, clothing, collectibles, and delicious food.


Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum


Your Toronto stay will be incomplete without visiting the gracious grounds of hockey. This place is a heaven for hockey fans who want to see a Stanley Cup, the stick of Max Bentley and the goalie gear of Terry Sawchuck. You will also be able to see a Puck Wall, a collection of pucks from different tournaments.



Toronto Island


Before you end your extended stay in Toronto, you might want to escape from the overwhelming atmosphere of the big city. A quick escape would be the Toronto Islands, just a ferry-ride away from Queen’s Quay. No vehicles are allowed on the islands and it is a great touch of green near an urban setting. You can play sports, bike, stroll around, go boating, skiing, or swimming depending on the season.


Amid all the adventures you will have  during your extended stay in Toronto , Mary-am Suites offer furnished apartments and luxury accommodations just a few minutes from exciting places among the city.


Ready for your exciting journey in Toronto? Please contact us if you are looking for a comfortable place to reside.

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If you will be staying in one of the furnished apartments in Toronto, you want to make it feel like a real home. You want to open that door and not feel like you are just another tourist in a wonderful city you want to explore.

Furnished apartments in Toronto are a lot quieter than hostels and more affordable than hotels. These rental properties are fully equipped for comfort and function. Aside from a comfortable bed where you can rest your tired body, the apartment also comes with a nice kitchen where you can cook your own food to keep the costs down.

You can add some personal flair to your furnished apartment in Toronto and make it your home away from home without breaking the budget by following the tips below:

Blankets, Rugs, and Pillows

To vary the texture you see, you can use rugs, throw pillows, and blankets. Pick interesting patterns and colors to spice up the living space. You can get these items from any department store and they are quite affordable.


It is always nice to see the images of your loved ones all around your apartment. With the advanced technology these days, it might not be practical to place picture frames, but using your tablet or having a digital picture frame will liven up your living room.

Tickle your senses

Set the mood by adding table lamps or floor lamps. You can find different tones, textures, and designs that will add some character to your home. You can also use scented candles or oils to have a familiar scent to your home. Add some music and you will enjoy your stay even better.


You can find inexpensive artwork that can serve as a statement piece for your apartment. You can check local yard sales or shops to find vintage pieces that will perfectly mix with any style.


If you are travelling for business or staying at furnished apartments in Toronto while studying, you can organize your belongings by using colorful boxes. You can match the colors to the overall theme of the house or go for some contrast to make them stand out.

Are you looking for furnished apartments in Toronto? Whatever your living purpose is, Mary-am Suites has the solution for you! 

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If you are a college student moving to Toronto for a few months, short term rentals in Toronto will be your best option for accommodation. The tag price is budget-friendly and since most of these rentals are ready to move-in properties, you save yourself the hassle of setting up your temporary home away from home.

Aside from affordability, these rental properties are often ideally located a few minutes from the campus and other important establishments. Once you have settled in, make sure you check out the neighbourhood  Also do your research so you know where to go in case you are hungry, sick, or in need of some basic supplies. Below are some places you should look up when moving in to a short term rental.

Pharmacy and Grocery Store

If you are lucky enough, you will find a pharmacy within a grocery store just near your new living space. You might have actually driven or walked past it. You should definitely be aware of your surrounding resources, and know where to go in case you need some toothpaste, toilet paper, medicines, or bacon!

Hospital or 24-hour clinic

You will be far away from home and most likely not familiar with Toronto, so make sure you look for a hospital or 24-hour clinic near
short term rentals in Toronto. Knowing where to go in case of accidents or future illnesses will make you feel more secure.

Nearby Restaurants

When considering short term rentals in Toronto, you also should check nearby restaurants and pizza delivery. You cannot live off microwave meals for the next few months. You should treat yourself to a good meal and there are many excellent restaurants to choose from in Toronto. Even resorting to pizza delivery will fulfill your hunger during cramming study nights or parties.


Another decision you need to make when moving into short rentals in Toronto will be your exercise routine. If you want to keep fit while in college but cannot do so with simply jogging around campus, you need to look for gyms near your new home. You may want to exercise before classes begin so you can do your cardio, pump some iron, or enjoy yoga to flush out all the stress college brings.

Are you looking for short term rentals in Toronto? Please contact Mary-am Suites for the ultimateliving experience in Toronto!

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Are you going on a business trip or changing cities to fill in for a temporary position? Are you renovating your house or going on a holiday with your family? Whatever your reason maybe, you need temporary housing in Toronto that will meet your personal or business needs.

looking for temporary housing

Temporary housing in Toronto may come with modern facilities that will be perfect for people leading a busy lifestyle. Furnished housings are very practical for people on the go but you can expect that these Toronto rentals are in demand. When considering furnished housings, you can choose from an entire house, condos, studios or even a one- or two-bedroom unit.

Before booking any temporary housing, you need to know if it will meet your needs and expectations. If you want more space to accommodate guests, you should look into furnished houses or condos.

Below are some practical tips on how you can find the best temporary housing in Toronto:

  • If you are seeking temporary housing while you are on a work-related trip, ask your company if they have corporate housing contacts in Toronto. Most of the time, you can get these units with a special discount. These temporary housings also often come with internet access, meeting rooms, and other provisions that will come handy for a business traveller.
  • You can also search online in order to find temporary housing in Toronto. You can be specific when you enter your preferences. You can include the location, type of rental property, and the facilities you might need. When booking online, make sure you are fully aware about the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • In case you are busy preparing for your trip, you can also let the experts help find your temporary housing in Toronto. Mary-Am Suites can provide you with the best rental property that will meet your specific needs.

Make sure you do your research so you can make an informed decision. You can also contact us  and we will be more than glad to help you find a furnished rental with modern facilities for you.


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Toronto is a melting pot of cultures and naturally features a good blend of flavors from different corners of the globe. Whether you are in this city for business or pleasure, discovering its best cuisines is like digging deeper into the life and soul of Toronto.

 If you have decided to plan your extended stay Toronto in North York, Meridian Residences offers a comfortable home-away-from-home setup. This luxury high-rise condo is ideally located a few hops from subway stations, main thoroughfares, supermarkets, and restaurants. Unlike your ordinary hotel, this extended stay in Toronto contains furnished apartments and suites with in-suite washer and dryer, fully equipped kitchen, and business class services.

The Meridian Residences is a convenient base for people who need to juggle doing business deals and enjoying the great things Toronto has to offer. In case you get hungry or curious about the restaurants nearby, we got you covered:

416 Lunch

Along Avondale Avenue, 416 Lunch, as the name implies, offers home cooked gourmet lunch. All you have to do is browse through their menu online and call them to get comfort foods like Cajun Jambalaya, Sheppard's Meatloaf, Chicken Alfredo Fettucini, or Thai curried chicken. They only use the freshest of ingredients and because of that, their customers only get premium quality dishes. You cannot order lunch past 1 PM so you better place your order early.

Pizza Nova

If you are craving pizza during your extended stay in Toronto, you can call Pizza Nova just near Meridian Residences for your dose of excellent, well-done, thin crust, tasty pizza. 

The Spicy And Delicious

In case you want some Chinese food, The Spicy And Delicious has a wide range of dishes to choose from. Their house specialties are of course the spicy and delicious of their menu. You can find the best offerings marked with one, two, or three chillies on their menu!  Deep Fried Chicken Soft Bone in Basket, Stewed Spicy Duck, Spicy Beef Bone, and Hot and Sour Potato Noodle are some of their best-sellers.

The Congress

You will not be signing and amending laws at this restaurant but instead enjoying great atmosphere, good food, and affordable drinks. Overall, The Congress is a great family restaurant.

Should you be looking into a business trip or extended stay in Toronto, Mary-Am Suites can provide for all your luxurious needs.

rom home as you  discover the flavours the city has to offer.

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Serviced apartments are among your most practical choices if you are planning to stay in Toronto for a few weeks or longer. If you are negotiating a business deal or working on a project and need to be in the heart of the city,
James Cooper Mansion is a perfect match for your needs.

James Cooper Mansion is a 32-story development by Tridel that soars above the intersection of Sherbourne and Bloor Streets.  The fully-furnished suites in this property comes with a comfortable queen-size bed, kitchen, in-suite washer and dryer, free Wi-Fi, and other services a business traveler or small family needs. The modern architecture of the James Cooper Mansion is side by side with the original mansion. The latter has been preserved and now houses the party room and fitness center of the property.

These serviced apartments at James Cooper Mansion are also near public transits and well-surrounded by shops, restaurants, and cafeterias. If you’d like to indulge in a cup of coffee or sip some good brew with colleagues, there are several coffee shops just a few steps from the James Cooper Mansion:

Tim Hortons (map)

This Canadian-brand is considered the biggest fast food service in the country. True to its tag line, Tim Hortons’ coffee is always fresh. This cafeteria also serves perfectly grilled paninis, lemon muffins, sandwiches, and cold beverages. This fast food franchise was founded by Tim Horton, a legendary hockey player who scored an amazing 115 goals in his 1,446 regular season games.

Timothy's World Coffee (map)

Known by the locals as Timothy's, this chain of coffee shops lets you pick the best beans from different parts of the globe. Just a few meters from the serviced apartments at the James Cooper Mansion, Timothy's coffee will perk you and your colleagues up while discussing important business matters.

Starbucks (map)

If you want a change of atmosphere then walk to the Starbucks coffee shop located just a block away. Aside from freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked snacks, many business people also hold meetings or work at this cafe.

Heading to Toronto for a business trip? Mary-Am Suites is a well-known provider of business class accommodations. Please check out our inquiry form to learn more about what we can offer for your stay.

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extended stay TorontoToronto is a vibrant, exciting city with much to offer. Whether you are a first time visitor to the city or a regular guest, consider an extended stay in Toronto to take advantage of the many attractions of one of Canada’s premier destinations. You might just discover a whole new way to take a vacation.

Be a Tourist without Leaving Home

Short term rentals are a great way to explore a cosmopolitan city like Toronto. With so many places to visit and so much to do, returning to a place that feels like home is a wonderful way to end your day. As much as you enjoy sampling the wide range of international cuisines Toronto has to offer, after a week of eating out, you can run up quite a food bill. Taking advantage of the kitchen in a full service apartment means you can cook some of your meals and save money. Visit the local market and persuade a native merchant to part with a family recipe in exchange for buying the ingredients from his stall. At the end of the day, you will have learned how to cook a new dish, enjoy it with your family in a home-like setting and still save money. It’s hard to say no to that.

extended stay TorontoStaying Together with Time Apart

Family vacations are fun and an excellent way to make new memories and strengthen family ties. If you’re traveling with family, it makes even more sense to consider an establishment that offers extended stay facilities. There are several hotels that have family suites, of course, but their prices can be quite hefty. Serviced apartments are spacious and comfortable without the heavy price tag. Separate living and bedroom areas means everyone can have their own quiet time after a day of sightseeing and close family togetherness. This is an important consideration even on family vacations.

Mary-Am Suites offers a full list of amenities that can make your extended stay in Toronto a completely enjoyable experience. Visit us to find out how.

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serviced apartments, apartments in torontoAre you vacationing in Toronto and trying to figure out your best option when it comes to a place to stay? If you are planning on being in town for a few weeks or more, then your main two options are extended stay hotels or serviced apartments. That being said, serviced apartments are usually your better bet when you are vacationing. Here’s how…

Serviced apartments are more affordable

First and foremost, it comes down to price. Despite the fact that serviced apartments usually offer more room than an extended stay hotel, they are typically less expensive. The reason for this is the reduced overhead that you have to pay for. Things like your “free” breakfast get worked into a hotel price but are not a factor for a serviced apartment. Also, because you are generally staying at a serviced apartment for a long time, they can reduce the per-day cost for you. When you are vacationing, the less you spend on housing, the more you can spend on fun things.

serviced apartments, apartments in torontoA serviced apartment will have the same amenities as an extended stay hotel (and usually more)

In terms of amenities, you don’t really compromise anything in terms of amenities when it comes to a serviced apartment. Maid service, 24 hour customer service, and security are all things that you get with both extended stay hotels and serviced apartments. The key difference is that you usually get everything included at a flat rate with a serviced apartment. When you are vacationing, not having to worry about these things is a huge plus.

You get more room to breathe with a serviced apartment

Even if you are travelling by yourself, having a bit of extra space is an amazing luxury. That being said, chances are good that you will be travelling with others, perhaps even your entire family, in which case added space is more than a luxury – it is a necessity. When everyone has their own space at the end of the day, it allows them to relax more and therefore makes the whole trip more enjoyable.

If you are interested in booking a stay with Mary Am Suites, then please fill out our inquiry form.

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temporary housing in TorontoThose looking for temporary housing usually fall into two different camps: those who live in the area but need a place to stay for a short time and those who are from out of town who will be visiting for a while. People in the first camp tend to have a number of reasons why they would need a place, including having their home remodeled, having suffered a disaster (such as a fire in their home), or as a short term residence while they are in between homes. People in the second camp tend to either be business travelers or vacationers who really want to experience the area the way that locals do. No matter what the reason, those who are looking for temporary housing in Toronto shouldn't fall into the trap of short-changing the place they decide on simply because they won’t be living there permanently.

Great Temporary Housing for Locals

If you are a local who needs a place to stay for a short time, perhaps a month or two, it is important to choose a place that has the least impact on your daily routine. Not being able to stay in your own home is an inconvenience enough, and the further away you get from your regular lifestyle the more stressful it can be. For example, if you are used to cooking dinner every day after work, you should decide on a place with not only a full kitchen, but that provides all of the basic kitchen necessities.

temporary housing in TorontoGreat Temporary Housing for Travelers

Travelers often times are as concerned with maintain their regular lifestyle as they are interested in a place where they can rest, or in the case of business travelers, work. If you are vacationing with the family in the Toronto area and need temporary housing, then space is certainly an issue. Everyone will need their own space to recuperate after taking in the city. On the other hand, business travelers need to ensure that there is some sort of work station or desk that they can use.

For those that are looking for temporary housing in Toronto, consider going with a short term rental apartment from Mary Am Suites. Their prices are competitive and their suites are loaded all of the amenities you need to make a home away from home. If you are interested in a booking then check please fill out an inquiry form.

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toronto rentals, toronto furnished rentalsLet’s face it; if you are staying in a short term rental then you will probably not be as clean as you are at home. In your home you work to maintain a high level of cleanliness because it is your own space and you would prefer to live in a tidy, well maintained space. When you are away from home, however, those great cleaning habits often times go out the window. As a result, being in rentals for any prolonged period of time can often result in a, shall we say, less than sparkling environment. That is of course, unless you have an excellent housekeeping service with your Toronto furnished rental. Having such a service can help keep your rental apartment looking like a home instead of just some place that you are staying at.

toronto rentals, toronto furnished rentalsBut Do I Really Need Housekeeping?

While you certainly can go with Toronto rentals that don’t offer this service and simply strive to pick up after yourself a little more, it tends to take away from time and energy that should be spent exploring the city. Whether you are in Toronto on holiday or on business, you don’t want to dedicate too much time to cleaning. If you are vacationing, you should be out seeing the sights and enjoying what Toronto has to offer. If you are out on business, then you don’t want to follow a full day of work with cleaning in the evenings. Having an excellent housekeeping service lets you maintain a home like level of cleanliness while freeing you up to do the things that you should be doing while staying in Toronto.

If you are looking for Toronto rentals and are in search of a place that offers housekeeping services, then you should consider Mary-Am Suites. We are one of few providers to include weekly thorough housekeeping along with other services in our rates, to help keep your stay in Toronto a pleasant one.

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vacation rentals, family vacation rentals, vacation rentals torontoToronto is a fantastic place to spend Christmas with your family. The entire city embraces the holiday and it shows on almost every street. If you and your family are spending Christmas is Toronto and staying in one of Mary-Am Suites great vacation rentals, then there is plenty to see and do. Here is a list of just some of the things that your family can experience:

Christmas Lights

When it comes to Christmas lights, one of the best places to go is the Distillery District. Every year its lights never fail to impress and it is highlighted by a 40ft. Christmas tree. In addition to the Distillery District, make sure to take an evening stroll down University Avenue, which is also covered in light during the month of December.

vacation rentals, family vacation rentals, vacation rentals torontoChristmas Flower Show

Another great place to take the family is the Allan Gardens and Centennial Park Conservatory, which is hosting a Christmas flower show. They are adorned with a variety of season specific flora and beautifully designed topiaries. Best of all, the show will be up until January 6th, which means that you have the entire month to enjoy them.

A Victorian Christmas

Also going on until January 6th is “A Victorian Christmas” at the Mackenzie House on Bond St. It is like going back in time to the era of Charles Dickens, with the house decorated as it would be during the Victorian era. For the kids, there is a letters-to-Santa station for them to compose their Christmas lists explain how good (or how naughty) they were this year.

A Christmas Carol: The Musical

For an activity that requires a bit less walking, consider seeing this year’s production of A Christmas Carol: The Musical at the Rose Theatre. This is the same show that ran on Broadway for years before settling in Toronto.

Going to spend some time in Toronto for the holidays and need are looking into vacation rentals with Mary-Am Suites? You can check availability by filling out our inquiry form.

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short term stay, short term stay toronto, the republic torontoYou can’t get more centrally located in Toronto then midtown, especially if you are on or near Yonge St. Known as Yonge and Eglinton (or just Yonge and Eg) to the locals, this location certainly makes a compelling case for those who are looking for either a short term stay or long term rental and are trying to decide which district of the city to stay in. Whether you are taking up residence in midtown or if you are planning on branching out to the other districts, you certainly have options. Should you be wondering what there is to do midtown, then here are a few suggestions:

  • Mysteriously Yours…Mystery Dinner Theater. The price of admission includes food and the performance. This is a great option for those looking to do something a little different with their evening.
  • Alleycatz Live Jazz Bar. In the mood for some live music and drinks? Go with Alleycatz. Its atmosphere is warm and inviting and it is a great place to meet up with friends.
  • Duff's Famous Wings. Not only do their wings come in a variety of different (and tasty) flavors, but this wing shop has a great hot wing for those who really like to turn on the heat.
  • Caribbean Bistro. While on the subject of hot food, this little gem has an incredible hot sauce that can actually purchase and take home with you, not to mention an incredible selection of Caribbean food. 

Why The Republic

If you have decided that you would like to stay in midtown, then you should look into staying at The Republic. It has all of the amenities that you could ever need or want, from a steam room and fitness center to a full kitchen in the apartments themselves. The rooms are large with modern furnishings, giving you a great place to kick up your feet and relax. 

Should you be interested in an executive class short term stay in the Toronto area, then midtown is a great choice of location and The Republic is the best option there. Should you want to enquire about a suite, then call (416) 850-6666.

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grand ovation, family vacation rentals, vacation rentalsIt goes without saying that you have many options when it comes to vacation rentals in Toronto. The real question is this: what type of experience are you looking for? Should the answer be “something great for the whole family,” then your best option would be to stay at the Grand Ovation in Mississauga. This excellent furnished apartment option is in one of the fastest growing principalities of Toronto, and makes for a very family friendly place to stay. Here is why Mississauga is an outstanding location if you are checking out vacation rentals in the Toronto area that are great for the whole family:

Great Outdoor Adventures

Mississauga is a great place for families to spend time together outdoors. The whole family can spend a day at the beach by visiting Jack Darling Park, which sits along Lake Ontario. While there you can go windsurfing, canoeing, or play a few set of tennis. If you are looking for a great place to go for a family bike ride (or just a long walk), then you have the waterfront trail, which hugs Lake Ontario. If dad is looking to hit the greens, there are certainly a number of local golf courses as well, including BraeBen and Lakeview.

Back To Square One

If it’s shopping that the family is looking to do, then you absolutely need to go to the Square One Shopping Centre. It is the biggest mall in Ontario with a whopping 1.7 million square feet of shops, including Armani Exchange, Michael Kors, Express, Fossil, and Coach. Make sure to visit guest services too, as they give travelers special deals for shopping at Square One.

Time to Eat

When it comes to food, you have an excellent selection in Mississauga. Burrito Boyz offers classic entrees, as well as some more unique options, like the halibut burrito (which is fantastic). If you are looking for some good Middle Eastern food, try Paramount Fine Foods where you can enjoy some shawarma (also try the Hummus. It is amazing). If you are looking for something equally tasty but a tad less exotic, go with West 50 Pourhouse & Grille. It has a number of great, family friendly courses, including sliders, burgers, and chicken wings. For mom and dad it also has one of the best beer selections in the Toronto area.

The Grand Ovation

There is a reason why it’s called the Grand Ovation. If you need larger, more home-like apartments where the whole family can spread out and enjoy themselves, then Grand Ovation is your best bet in Mississuaga. Aside from all the great amenities like a washer and dryer, dishwasher, and free wireless, you also have access to a billiard room, fitness center, and a Cabana lounge.

If you are convinced Grand Ovation is the best place for family vacation rentals, then you should look into getting a booking by checking out this contact page.

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If by chance you are going to be staying in Toronto for a few weeks, you certainly have some options when it comes to housing. The challenge is deciding what type of housing is best when you need to bring your family along. There are many more factors that you have to keep in mind when it comes to family travel, and not every type of housing solution is family friendly. For those who find themselves having trouble deciding which option to go with, we recommend short term rentals for family travel. It is the best way to keep your loved ones happy while staying in Toronto.

Family Friendly Accomodations

You Get More Room to Breathe

The truth is that families require more space than a hotel suite can provide. Kids need room to play in and parents need space to relax in. Short terms apartments are more spread out, meaning everyone gets their own space, which leads to a more harmonious living arrangement. Moreover, short term rentals let families really unpack and settle in, so you won’t have to be living out of a suitcase throughout your stay in Toronto.

You Get a More Home Like Living Situation

Family friendly accomodations

In additional to space, a short term apartment acts more like a home away from home, which is especially important if you are bringing the family along with you. Take for example the fact that with a furnished apartment you get a kitchen, which means that you won’t have to go out to eat every night. Aside from the fact that eating out with the entire family can be expensive, it can also be exhausting and not always healthy. Another benefit to families is the fact that with a furnished apartment you can get an in-unit washer and dryer, which is especially helpful when your little ones inevitably get their clothes dirty.

If you’re looking into short term rentals for family travel in Toronto, then Mary-Am Suites is a great option for you. You can find out more by visiting their contact page.

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Want a Taste of the City? Check Out Furnished Apartments at Yonge and Finch 

If you and your family are going to be visiting the city of Toronto, why not do so in a way that lets you really experience the city? A furnished apartment in the right location can serve not only as a home away from home, but as a good starting place for you to explore the city from. If you are staying in Toronto for a month or two for business and want to live in a place that will let you see what the city has to offer, then your best bet is to stay at the Meridian Residences on the corner of Finch Avenue and Yonge Street

North York Furnished Suite

The Middle of It All

In case you aren’t familiar with Toronto, the spot where Yonge Street and Finch Avenue meet is the unofficial heart of the city. Yonge serves as Toronto’s main street, and is home to some of the best shopping that the city has to offer. A quick subway ride and you can be at Toronto’s premier mall, Eaton Centre. If you are hungry, you can grab a bite a sandwich at Haida Sandwich or enjoy a great meal at the Captain's Boil or the Union Social Eatery. Should you need to travel a bit further, there is Finch Station, which not only connects you to the subway but also serves as a hub for the regional bus terminal.

Why You Should Go With the Meridian Residences

Even if you weren’t factoring in the amazing location, the Meridian should still be at the top of your list when it comes to a furnished apartment in Toronto. Aside from being able to have to have your own kitchen as well as a washer and dryer in your apartment, there are a number of fun additions that will make your stay at The Meridian a pleasant one. The Meridian includes a sauna/spa, a billiard room, a private theater, fitness and health club, and a cabana lounge.

Should you be interested in apartments near Yonge and Finch and like to get a booking with the Meridian, you can do so by checking out their inquiry form.

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Need to know what to look for when searching for furnished corporate apartment rentals? There are a few things that you should keep in mind while on the hunt for the right rental for you, especially if you need a furnished apartment. Unlike a weekend excursion in which you may not mind that your hotel room has an odd smell in the bathroom or can look past the fact that your room is the size of a walk-in closet, if you are in the market for short term rentals then you are going to need something that feels more like home. Corporate apartments have many advantages and should be on the top of your list when it comes to business travel. When you are a trying to choose a furnished corporate apartment in Toronto you should consider the following:

Apartment Pictures

corporate apartment toronto

Since you are going to be spending a lot of time in the apartment you really need to know what you are getting into. You should look at more than one picture of the suite before deciding on renting it. One or two pictures do not give a realistic impression of the layout of the apartment, while multiple pictures will give you a much better idea what the apartment is like.

Check the Surrounding Location

Chances are that you will be spending a bit of time in your corporate apartment, so it’s good to keep in mind the location factor before deciding for one. Being in the heart of the city may seem exciting when you are in town for a few days but if you are staying for a month or more you may want something a little quieter that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Make Sure It Suits Your Needs

Often times the cancellation policies for corporate housing can be rather severe, so you want to make sure that you will be fully satisfied with the apartment before you book it. Look for places that focus on customer satisfaction and that will be flexible should you have any issues with your apartment.

Considering Mary-am Suites as your choice for a corporate apartment in Toronto? Get in touch with us here and book your apartment today!

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So you are going to be visit Toronto on business and need a place to stay for a few weeks, perhaps even a month or two? Certainly you have plenty of options when it comes to short term rentals in Toronto, but you want to make a choice that you can feel confident about. You want to be sure that you are getting the absolute best accommodations for your dollar. Moreover, you want to be completely satisfied with the apartments that you’re going to rent. If you’re looking for an elegant short term rentals in Toronto, you should consider Mary-am Suites.  You’d certainly like to know why it has been the superior choice for corporate travelers in Toronto.

Focused on Your Satisfaction

We are absolutely committed to ensuring that you are happy with your apartment. Our policy is this: if you do not find your suite to your liking then we will gladly find you another suite or give you a full refund.  Of course we go through great lengths so that it doesn't get to that point. We inspect every suite before our customers step foot in them to ensure that they are clean, in good condition, and fully stocked with amenities. Should you stay with us and need assistance in the middle of the night, we have a real Mary-am Suites representative available for you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

A Great Price

When know that there are a lot of options when it comes to the price of short term rentals in Toronto. In order to guarantee that our customers can be confident that they are getting the best value, we offer price matching for our suites. Should you find a suite with a lower price at one of our major competitors at the time of booking, we will match it. We won’t make a fuss about it or give you a bunch of conditions, either. You can be assured that you will get the best luxury rentals at the best price when you choose Mary-am Suites.

Don’t need any more convincing that Mary-am Suites is the best choice for you? Check our locations here and book yourself your own a short term luxury apartment.

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The advantages of Luxury Corporate Housing over Extended Stay Hotels

Being away from home while on business can be tough, especially if you have to be gone for a long period of time. It’s not just being in a new location, it’s also the change in lifestyle that comes with traveling.   If you’re in Toronto for business for a month or two (or more) you would be much better off going  with luxury corporate housing rather than staying at an extended stay hotel. Corporate Housing in Toronto has a number of advantages over extended stays, and going with luxury corporate housing can feel like, to coin that classic saying, a home away from home. So if it is your destination, here are a few reasons why you should consider going with corporate housing in Toronto.

You get more options with corporate housing 

You often get more options when it comes to the style of a corporate apartment or how that apartment is furnished. Also, while extended stay hotels are usually located in major metropolitan areas, corporate housing can often be found in different types of locations.

You feel more at home in a corporate apartment 

Typically with corporate housing you get amenities like washers and dryers in the unit, as well as an actual kitchen to cook in. Being able to have a home cooked meal does a world of good combating homesickness.

One word: Space

You get much more of it with a luxury corporate housing unit than you would at an extended stay hotel.  During brief trips space is not as big a priority, but if you are spending a long period of time

It makes more sense, money wise, to go with a corporate apartment 

While it may sound expensive, renting luxury corporate housing in Toronto is actually a very good value. That’s because in a hotel you are paying for things like a gym (which you may very well not even use) or restaurants.  Because corporate housing typically doesn’t have these things they can keep their prices reasonable.

You can make it a family adventure

With a fully furnished luxury corporate apartment you have the option to bring the whole family along with you, or at the very least have them visit you for a few days. This has the effect of turning a business trip into full on family adventure.

If you are interested in more information on the advantages of staying in a corporate apartment, including how they compare with hotels we have that available for you. Also, if you have some great testimonials with corporate apartments in Toronto please share in the comments below. 

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Posted by on in Toronto

Far too often, corporate guests and travelers encounter problems when they arrive at short term rentals in Toronto during non-business hours. Flight delays and unforeseen tie-ups are common aspects of the travel experience, and when clients arrive at the door in the middle of the night, the experience can be inconvenient and disorienting. Under these circumstances, nothing feels more welcoming or provides greater peace of mind than 24 hour access to a real human voice.

Most serviced apartments in Toronto provide an on-call rep to handle off-hours customer issues, but these services are typically in place for emergencies only. Here at Mary-am Suites, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our client experience, and we take guest comments seriously. Our research tells a clear story: guests are happier when they can access full services, ask questions, and receive detailed answers at any hour of the day, any day of the week.

We provide clean, comfortable, and spacious suites to accommodate temporary housing needs in Toronto, and we offer our suites at competitive and affordable rates. But we don’t stop there. We also go out of our way to make our guests feel welcome. That means providing information, availability, and excellent customer service, no matter the hour. Our guests appreciate our attention to detail, and chances are you will too.

If you’re planning an extended stay in the Toronto area, reach out to Mary-am Suites for information about available rental units. And if you’re welcoming an employee, client, or visitor for the short term and you need a high-quality furnished apartment in Toronto, contact our office. You may not be awake at all hours to take care of your guest, but we will be. Let us help you make a great impression.



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Chris Bateman / JULY 23, 2012

In an editorial published on Sunday, the Globe and Mail declared separated bike lanes the way forward for Toronto's long-suffering cycling community, pointing to Montreal's dedicated lanes as an avenue this city should be readily exploring. The 514 has a network of relatively quiet secondary streets with bike-only lanes that encourage and protect people who chose to ride to work or play. Toronto, on the other hand, does not.

Painted bike lanes are okay, so the argument goes, but they don't shield cyclists from fast moving traffic as well as those with a raised curb or other means of separation, and that's often enough to discourage new riders from climbing in the saddle. In some cases, a bike in the garage is a car on the road, and that means more traffic, more pollution and longer commute times for other road users.

The question is where do we put them. Not everyone is a fan of the current plan, especially given that the city actually experienced a net reduction in bikes lanes in 2011.

In another editorial earlier this month, Spacing magazine's Dylan Reid suggested that separated lanes are better suited to fast-moving routes like Richmond and Adelaide due to of the increased risk of a high-speed collision. Reid says lanes like those coming to Sherbourne Street, shown above, would be better served elsewhere because of the relatively slow pace of traffic. This makes sense.

So how might the city move forward? Despite the Globe's suggestion, it could be quite difficult to create a proper network of interconnected dedicated bike lanes on minor streets in Toronto on account of their generally short length. Should we proceed with dedicated lanes on busier routes, then it's all the more important to create a bonafide network that allows cyclists to feel protect as they navigate the city. In the absence of that, perhaps an increase in painted bike lanes would be more friendly to cyclists overall?

Add your wisdom to the comment thread below.

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The suite is just like on the photos. The view of Toronto from the suite is amazing! A balcony on the 23th floor offers great views of the city. Main points: good AC system, beautiful view, comfortable beds, tasteful decor, nice swimming pool

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Recently constructed building, good security and fitness room, well-equipped kitchen, tasteful decor, washer/dryer and dishwasher, indoor parking, great temperature control; generally very comfortable suite.

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What a wonderful place to stay for a Toronto vacation! The location was ideal, the view was breathtaking, the accommodation was spotless and impeccably clean. Stuff made sure everything was taken care of.

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