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North York is a modern destination for business travelers conveniently situated with easy access to Toronto’s business district. Perhaps you’re a corporate traveler on temporary assignment or even in the process of relocating to the area. Although you have been in Toronto for a couple of weeks, the only places you may have really been are your workplace and temporary home - a furnished suite at short term rentals in the Toronto suburb of North York.  Your luxury accommodations offer a multitude of amenities and services giving you little reason to leave.

But after a couple of weeks of the same routine - work, home, work, home - you may be ready to do something new. So by now, you may be wondering what there is to do in your new neighborhood of North York. You’ll be pleased to know that the community offers visitors a myriad of activities. Here are a few of the top attractions that will encourage you to step out of being in short term rentals and enjoy the Toronto neighborhood of North York.

Black Creek Pioneer Village: Are you interested in how the early settlers lived? Then, check out the Black Creek Pioneer Village with its 35 restored buildings from the 1860’s.  This village recreates a Victorian-era pioneer life.

Science Center: You don’t have to be a science geek to appreciate this museum. With more than 800 exhibits, the Ontario Science Center has attracted more than 30 million visitors. This place goes beyond traditional science exhibits. The center has interactive areas that allow visitors to conduct their own experiments!

The Toronto Zoo: With more than 5,000 animals, the Toronto zoo happens to be one of the largest in the world! One popular zoo attraction is the Gorilla Rainforest—the largest Gorilla exhibit in North America.

There are many more exciting areas around North York to explore, which may persuade you to extend your stay at the short term rentals of Avonshire in Toronto. To find out more about staying in the exciting parts of North York, contact us today!

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short term rentals TorontoEven in a bustling metropolis like Toronto, it is possible to find affordable accommodations that will not squeeze you into rooms barely big enough to comfortably fit world-weary travelers and their luggage. Whether you are traveling alone or with a friend, for business or pleasure, it is worthwhile to consider a short term rental in Toronto.

Save Money and Stay Longer

Toronto is a great city for visitors. But like many major cities in North America, it is easy to end up paying a lot of money for the privilege of staying there and enjoying all the attractions the city has to offer. If you want to save money, staying in a serviced apartment is the way to go.

Short term rental apartments are fully furnished and cheaper than most hotel suites. Not only do you save on the price of the room itself, you can also cut down on restaurant tabs by using the kitchen and cooking simple meals yourself. If you need to stay in Toronto for an extended period of time, the savings can be considerable. Better still, you can spend the money you save on accommodations to enjoy more of the city’s many attractions, or even to stay longer. With a reasonable option a like short term rental in Toronto, there’s no reason to hurry home or to eat in fast food establishments to save money.

short term rentals TorontoPay Less and Enjoy More Space

After a full day of sightseeing or long meetings, returning to a one-room affair in a pricey hotel does not come across as a very appealing notion. In a serviced apartment, you have ample space to stretch out and walk around and leave the concerns of your day behind. Whether you’re alone or with your family, there are numerous room sizes and configurations from which to choose in short term rental apartments. Select the one that suits you best and look forward to a relaxing evening after a full day.

Mary-Am Suites gives you more space while saving you a lot of money. Please visit our inquiry form to find out more.

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extended stay Toronto

It’s pretty well known that one of the things that separate a short term rental apartment from an extended stay in Toronto is that the short term is going to feel more like home. But what makes it feel more like a home? Well, space is certainly a factor, and having separate rooms definitely helps. That being said, what really helps make short term rentals feel more like a home is all of the little details that they have. Wherever you stay, the amenities you have help to define your experience. It isn't just about having more amenities, either, it’s about the little things. If you are trying to choose between an extended stay in Toronto or alternatively a short term rental, then you should keep amenities in mind.

The Basics

One of the key differences between an extended stay and a short term rental is that with the short term rental you can actually live like you would at home. You normally get an in unit washer and dryer when you go with a short term rental. You also get a kitchen, meaning you can actually cook your own food, which is a definite plus when you get sick of eating out every night.

extended stay TorontoThose Little Details

While many short term rental places offer the basic amenities, there a number of things that you may forget that you need (or didn't even know that you needed in the first place). For example, if you are traveling for work, then you should make sure that your short terms rental unit has a least a desk or workstation. Some places even offer apartments with a printer/fax machine in it. Also, make sure to ask if the kitchen has basic cookware like pots, pans, and utensils. Most places have these in their unit, but not all of them do. Whether or not you plan to do your own cleaning or if you will rely on housekeeping, you should still check to see if they have thing like cleaning supplies, especially a vacuum.

Are you planning on switching from an extended stay in Toronto for a short term rental? If so then it is better to check availability right away. To check for available bookings with Mary Am Suites, then please fill out an inquiry form.

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short term rentalsAlready thinking about where you want to go vacationing this year? While foreign travel is certainly an option, consider hitting the Trans-Canada Highway and seeing a bit more of the country. If you have never really taken the time to see what Canada has to offer, then this is certainly a great way to do so. All it takes is a car and some willing friends and you can stop by most of the major Canadian cities as well as many of the best sights in the country. Of course to do many of the cities justice, you should spend more than just a day or two in them. As such, we recommend short term rentals when you are on your great Canadian road trip.

Tips When Planning Your Trip

  • Try to fit in a little camping while you are on the road. With fantastic locations like Banff National Park, you would definitely be doing yourself a disservice to not spend some time in them. Ensure that your gear is in great condition before leaving.
  • Prepare for the weather. Naturally, winter can make driving across the country much more challenging. Make sure your car is in great condition and can handle the more difficult conditions. Also, we recommend checking the "Canada Road Condition Information" Web page by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in order to get a heads up on poor driving conditions.
  • Take a bathroom break whenever you stop, even if you don’t feel like you have to go. You never know when the next bathroom will be available so you should make the most of every opportunity.
  • Don’t just eat at places that seem the most readily available. Make use of great apps like Yelp and Foursquare to find great local places to eat.

short term rentalsWhile in Toronto…

In addition to all of this, we recommend spending some extra time in Toronto. Its location makes it an excellent spot to pause your trip while you recharge your batteries. Also, there is simply way too much to do in Toronto to be able to get it all done in a day or two. Consider short term rentals like those offered by Mary-Am Suites. Going with short term rentals is a cost effective way to feel like you are home while you’re away from home. You can do laundry, cook meals, and shake of some of the grit of the road. We recommend booking early, so if you are interested you should contact us soon.

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short term stayThere are a number of advantages to going with a short term stay in North York. You get a big apartment instead of a cramped hotel room. You get regular household amenities in your apartment and therefore feel more at home. Most of all, you get to experience the city like a local instead of feeling like a guest. However, if this is your first time looking in to a short term stay, then you should know that it isn't like getting a hotel. There are a number of different things to consider with a short term stay, but luckily, we have compiled a handy list to help first timers find the right one for them.

  1. It is important to look into who is actually offering the rental. Is it a homeowner who is looking to rent an extra room to help bring in some extra cash? If so, then have they rented before or is this their first time? Either way, they may not necessarily be terribly inclined to help you, preferring to take your money and leaving it at that. Typically, it is a lot easier and a lot safer to go with a larger, more established short term rental organization.
  2. short term stayBefore inquiring into rentals, make a list of important amenities that you will need in your apartment. You should consider things like internet access, air conditioning, laundry facilities, etc. When checking around for rentals, either verify that the apartment has these amenities via the website or, if there is no website, make sure it is one of the first things that you address in your conversations with the renter.
  3. Verify what sort of support you get while staying in the apartment. Is there any type of customer service available? If so, do they have limited hours? If not, is the property manager easily accessible? It is also important to see if the renter provides helpful advice about the surrounding areas, like where the local market is.

If it is your first time looking short term stays, you can cut out a lot of the guesswork by going with Mary-Am Suites. We ensure and excellent price and guarantee your satisfaction.  Just fill out our inquiry form to check into availability.

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Communication and arrangement to get in the apartment was easy. The apartment was exactly as described. Great neighborhood with shops and restaurants around and just 2 minutes walk to the Eglinton subway station.

Nicholas from France | Republic Apartment

The suite is just like on the photos. The view of Toronto from the suite is amazing! A balcony on the 23th floor offers great views of the city. Main points: good AC system, beautiful view, comfortable beds, tasteful decor, nice swimming pool

Martina from Spain | Maple Leaf Square

Recently constructed building, good security and fitness room, well-equipped kitchen, tasteful decor, washer/dryer and dishwasher, indoor parking, great temperature control; generally very comfortable suite.

Claire from Montreal | Terrace of St. Gabriel

What a wonderful place to stay for a Toronto vacation! The location was ideal, the view was breathtaking, the accommodation was spotless and impeccably clean. Stuff made sure everything was taken care of.

Alya from Calgary | Maple Leaf Square Suite

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